Allergy Testing Using NAET

Until recently, we looked at disease as sets of symptoms caused by poor function or non-function of specific organs or body parts. Medical professionals everywhere are taught to look for and to treat symptoms, rather than to look further to find their causes. If we looked for causes, most could be found easily, allowing symptoms to be reduced or effectively mitigated.

Principles of NAET®

We now know that many disorders (e.g., headaches, back aches, joint pains, addiction, PMS, indigestion, cough, body aches, etc.) are caused by undiagnosed allergies. When left untreated, allergies can become serious life threatening illnesses.

Dr. Nambudripad's discovery, NAET®, is an innovative and completely natural method for regaining better health and effectively relieving allergies and the diseases arising from those allergens.

Beware NAET Imitators

Recently there have been claims by other programs and practitioners that their allergy alleviation techniques work like NAET.

Read about what NAET is and what NAET is not, and why you should choose NAET.

Independent researchers show NAET has promise to be effective for anaphylaxis symptoms!

Biomedical Analyses of a Holistic Peanut Allergy Treatment

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